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I actually offer a
200% Cash Back Price Guarantee!
Watch the video for details…you won’t believe it!

Chances are about 99% that if you found this website you saw one of my little classified ads. I created this website so people that see my ads throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee (only available in this region) can come here and get all the information they could want about how I can help them get a deal of a lifetime on a state of the art, high performance, solid wood, full one inch slate billiard table (8 foot tables are the only size available).

I guess the place to start is how I can get you such a great deal on a pool table. Well, for 4 years I ran the distribution warehouse for the entire eastern half of the United States for K I N G D O M B I L L I A R D S ( . C O M…is the corporate website…I strongly encourage you to check out their site…).

For those of you that are not familiar with K I N G D O M , they manufacture pretty much the best performing, most durable billiard tables in the world. The craftsmanship of their line is the finest in the industry.All of their pool tables are solid Canadian Maple wood. If you have done any shopping whatsoever and really held the salesman’s feet to the fire you will know that true solid wood is VERY rare in the billiard industry ( heck, for that matter it’s rare in the furniture industry! ). Not only is it rare, it is very expensive. These pool tables START in the stores at $4200 and go upwards of $12,000. I can get them for you starting at $1425 (shows how much markup there is in stores, huh?).

Not only is true solid wood expensive, it makes a HUGE difference in the play and durability of a pool table. Unless you take a chainsaw to one of these tables, they will pretty much last forever.

In addition to solid wood construction, each pool table also boasts: full one inch thick matched and registered, Brazilian slate, super speed 100% natural gum rubber bumpers with no fillers (the fastest in the industry…fillers are what make bumpers slow) and at least six inch wide high torque rails. I have posted all of the construction specs on a subsequent page (or you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth on their website).

The bottom line is that there is not a quality construction spec in the billiard industry that Kingdom’s LEAST expensive pool table doesn’t possess. Kingdom manufactures the best performing, most durable billiard tables in the industry.

In any event, Kingdom’s primary facility is in Sacramento, but my distribution hub was here in Charlotte, NC.

Well, I was involved in a fairly traumatic auto accident in December 2008 and have been unable to perform in my previous capacity since. Between that and the downturn in the economy, our facility here in Charlotte was downsized and liquidated in early March, 2009.

However…the owner is still a very good friend of mine and he allows me to buy tables from the factory at cost. I then run little classified ads in cities in which Kingdom does not yet have dealers and allow the public there to order tables from me for the same prices that billiard stores PAY for them.It really is a tremendous value for the customers.

We do all of this out of my mattress store here in Charlotte. It gives me a place to receive / store the pool tables as well as display them for those close enough to be able to come check them out in person. We would be honored if you visited us in person, but understand if you do not have the time.

The rest of the pages here will walk you through the construction specs and pricing I can afford you, provide general information and show pictures of our facility here in Charlotte.

I am so confident in this value:

  1. You don’t pay us a penny until after your table is set up in your home
  2. If we arrive and misrepresented the table in ANY WAY, you do not have to buy it and we will pay you $250 for wasting your time.
  3. If you buy a table from us and EVER find a comparable table advertised for less elsewhere I will refund you 200% of the difference!

That’s what they call a no risk purchase!!!

Thanks! Enjoy your table!

(P.S. – Tons of info on subsequent pages)

We regularly serve Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Greensboro NC, Asheville NC, Wilmington NC, Greenville SC, Columbia SC, Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Virginia Beach VA, Richmond VA, Roanoke VA, Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA, Macon GA, Savannah GA and everyplace in between!