Table Construction

The Strongest, Most Durable, High Performance Billiard Tables Made

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Overall Strength, Durability and Performance Video:

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Your Choice of Felt Color:

You can chose any color of felt you want. You can view all the color choices by clicking on the link below. Any Championship color can be used. Included in the price of the table are Championship Invitational and Championship Teflon. These are all purpose, high grade felts. They are durable and resistant to “burn marks”. Burn marks are white marks made by the cue ball when hit hard and / or with spin. The tournament grades (Simonis, Proform, Velocity, Championship Ultra and Tour Edition) are faster playing but are much more likely to show burn marks and are $100 extra. Rule of thumb…if you are an exceptional player get the tournament grade, if the table is for recreational / family use get the standard Invitational.

Pool Table Felt Color link: (CLICK HERE)

The Highest Construction Specs in the Industry Every pool table comes standard with:

  • High-Grade “A” Maple Construction – Cabinet/Legs/Rails/Support Beams.
  • Wide-Profile Rails.
  • Recessed Maple Sub Rails.
  • Perfectly Jointed Blinds For Additional Strength.
  • Genuine Abalone in Mother-Of-Pearl, Double-Diamond Sites.
  • High Torque, Floating-Nut-Plate Rail
  • Breathable, K-66 Full Profile, Gum Rubber Cushions
  • With Vulcanized Control Fabric.
  • Full 1” Thick Oversized, Matched & Registered, Brazilian Slate.
  • Precision Machined Steel Corner Brackets.
  • Machine-Screw/Barrel-Insert Design Corner Bracket Anchors
  • Double-Interlocking Mortise Cut, Solid Maple Support Beams.
  • Machine-Screw/Barrel-Insert Design Beam Truss Anchors.
  • Galvanized steel leg plates that provide rock solid support
  • to anchor the legs to the cabinet.
  • Entire under side of table is barrier lock sealed to protect the table.
  • Slate Support Backing.
  • Pockets – All Leather Pockets (Beautifully Accented)
  • with Cast Iron Cores.
  • Lag Bolt Leg Design.
  • Beautiful Rich Satin Finish.
  • BCA approved for Tournament Play.
  • Cross-Laminated Handcrafted Legs.
  • Oil based stain, hand rubbed, for a deep beautiful wood finish.

    Edward, Elrond, Aragorn, Herod and David Cabinet Construction Change:

This paragraph is mere technicality. However, we insist on pointing out every detail: Due to the increasing difficulty to acquire large cuts of solid hardwood without knots, and the incredible cost associated with it, the factory is now constructing the cabinet of the Edward, Elrond, Aragorn, Herod and David out of hardwood MDF (medium density fiberboard). All parts of the rails, support beams, support brackets and legs are still 100% solid wood. As the cabinet is merely the section above the legs and below the slate and rails, the change is merely cosmetic and will in no way affect the performance of the table. While on the subject of MDF…while many lesser tables, to cut back on costs, have no lining under the slate, all Kingdom tables have a full ¾” MDF backing. This backing makes the table considerably quieter to play on and allows the felt to be reused if the table is moved because it is stapled to the backing rather than glued. This backing is made out of MDF rather than solid wood because the MDF receives staples more consistently, making it easier to keep the felt stretched seamlessly across the table. Again, these are mere technicalities, we just wanted to be sure to point them out.

I am so confident in this value:

  1. You don’t pay us a penny until after your table is set up in your home
  2. If we arrive and misrepresented the table in ANY WAY, you do not have to buy it and we will pay you $250 for wasting your time.
  3. If you buy a table from us and EVER find a comparable table advertised for less elsewhere I will refund you 200% of the difference!

That’s what they call a no risk purchase!!!

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